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Guitar Fretwork Step By Step Pdf [Latest]

Includes 27 new illustrated exercises and an improved layout for easy reference. Start with the most fundamental techniques for learning a new fretboard position and move on to more advanced techniques as you learn to play and develop your fretboard skills. With bonus instruction, performance examples, and fretboard diagrams, learn how to play and advance your guitar playing. Learn how to: How to: * Learn a new fretboard position * Use a fretboard diagram * Connect frets to fingers * Match strings to frets * Master the tuning drill * Solve chord/fretboard navigation problems * Solve chord and fretboard problems * Master the songs you love Learn to play the guitar in as little as two hours. For the first time, this comprehensive guide to learning the guitar starts from scratch and builds the essential techniques that you need to develop as a guitar player. In just 2 hours you’ll start off learning to play melodies, how to hold the guitar and basic chords. Each lesson builds on the next, creating a complete learning system that will take you from beginner to intermediate. First you’ll learn how to hold the guitar properly – this is essential so you can play on your own and with others. You’ll learn the basics, step by step, on to the first note of a chord, to playing in time and to how to use a metronome and other techniques to improve your timing. You’ll learn how to apply these skills in a variety of simple songs, building on the skills and techniques you’ve learned and then moving on to play more advanced chords and chord progressions. The album is guaranteed to take you from beginner to intermediate and has been designed to help you get your guitar playing to a new level – where you can apply what you’ve learned into other songs. Music Genome Project™ technology is used throughout the book to help you learn and apply the skills from each chapter. Each chapter gives you a detailed explanation of how the techniques work and how they’re applied in simple song structures. This book takes you from the basics right through to the intermediate level and includes all the skills you need to get you playing and singing, on your own. The 2

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